9 Parts of Desire


9 Parts of Desire Poster9 PARTS OF DESIRE

Written by Heather Raffo & directed by Lillete Dubey, opened on 10th August, 2013 at NCPA Experimental, Mumbai and has completed over 25 shows.

A meditation on the ‘pity of war’… a vital, brave, searing, performance… extraordinarily communicative sets, multi layered mise- en- scene, evocative lighting conjuring a desolate tapestry… a sound design that strikes the right notes… a tour de force!”
Mumbai Theatre Guide

Pulls the audience into watching, empathising, understanding… with a sense of belonging to an unbroken chain of humanity… creating a play that resonates with audiences across the world… Ira Dubey plays multiple parts with confidence and a remarkable emotional depth… bringing to life Lillete’s brave choice… in a play where we see how art obliterates maps!
Midday, Mumbai

  * * * * Ira Dubey shines on many levels..she executes the Herculean task of playing 9 different women of all ages and backgrounds, formidably… one of her finest performances!
Bombay Times, Times of India

Ira Dubey spells magic in 9 Parts
HT, Chandigarh

Metro India, Hyderabad

Performed at Festivals:
Old World Theatre Festival, Delhi, October 2013
Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival, Hyderabad, November 2011
Repertwahr Festival, Lucknow, Jan 2013
The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards Festival in March,2012, where it was nominated in 6 categories.
Shared History festival in Durban & Joburg, South Africa.



An internationally acclaimed off Broadway one-woman hit that has received multiple awards around the world. It details the lives of nine Iraqi women that span the decades between the first and second Gulf wars and the occupation. A portrait of the extraordinary (and ordinary) lives of a cross-section of Iraqi women: a sexy painter, a radical Communist, a doctor, an exile, wives, mothers, and lovers, the play delves into the many conflicting aspects of what it means to be a woman in a country overshadowed by war. A uniquely intimate and feminine point of view on the ramifications of violence, the play makes these rich monologues transcend time, space and politics.

After its opening in Mumbai, it has travelled to Kolkata, Gurgaon, Chandigarh , Lucknow, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi & South Africa.