30 Days in September



30-days-of-September-1Written by Mahesh Dattani

Produced & Directed by Lillete Dubey

Cast: Lillete Dubey, Darshan Jariwala, Neha Dubey/Ira Dubey & Joy Sengupta/ Satchit Puranik

Mahesh Dattani’s powerful and gripping tale of a complex mother daughter relationship has completed over a 150 shows around the world and traveled to cities as diverse as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi , Kolkata , Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Ahmedabad, Colombo, Dubai, Houston, Washington D.C, Stamford (New York), and Kuala Lumpur.

The play was originally commissioned by RAHI( Recovery and Healing from Incest), a Delhi based NGO.

A new NGO called Arpan, also dealing with sexual abuse, was established when its founder a young girl Pooja Taparia, saw the play a few years ago.

A stunning experience..beautifully scripted..skilfully directed! – Sulekha.com
Fantastically directed, beautifully scripted.. wonderfully brought to life! – Bombay Times
Always engaging….deeply moving. – India Today
A play that stuns the audience into shameful silence! -The Asian Age
The Dubey- Dattani combination deserves a standing ovation! Dubey’s direction was seamless, sure and sensitive. – The Economic Times, Bangalore
Inspired performances! – Midday
A razor sharp piece.. skilfully directed and performed – The Pioneer, Delhi
Sensitive.. powerful and heart rending dialogues.. intense and dignified direction by Lillete Dubey and dynamic acting by  the entire cast. –  Indian Express
The survivor’s reactions are reproduced almost to perfection.. the mother with chilling restraint and the daughter riding roughshod, trampling upon everyone’s emotions. – Business India
Mahesh Dattani’s dark provocative vision mets the directorial acumen of Delhi’s theatre diva, in 30 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER. – Outlook Magazine
A sensitive subject.. sensitively handled. – Pune Times

’30 Days in September’ is an intense and gripping tale of love and betrayal that explores the brutal severance of the unbreakable bond between adult and child. A mother discovers the truth about her daughter, which sets them both on a journey of self discovery about their lives and their inextricably linked past.